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Retin A cream is mainly composed from Tretinoin. The substance is the acid form of vitamin A and was originally developed for treatment of acnes. People who never suffered from skin problems will not understand how tough it is to be disfigured by acnes or scars after acne or rubella. Women are particularly affected by these imperfections on the skin. Every woman wants to look young, beautiful and healthy. Soft, velvety and smooth skin without blemishes, scars, redness or skin rashes eliminates the need for everyday make-up. Cosmetics hides negative features, but thus clogs the pores and thus causes appearance of new acnes. It is a vicious circle. But there is a way out - buy Retin A.

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Today, the cream has proved in practice to be extremely effective (in the treatment of skin, acne, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks). The effect is due to the increase of collagen in the skin cells. You can use against retin a scar left over from rubella, or other similar entities ulcer.

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